Music lineup!

10:00 Karen Sample and friends…
10:45 Tanya Bovaird
11:30 Gretchen Jacobson
12:15 Erin McNamee and Rib Horst
1:00 Mike Krueger
1:45 It’s About Time
2:30 Marc Bristol
3:15 FOG Band
4:15 Rebecca Jo
5:00 Bill Cross
5:45 Raffle!!
6:30 SeaStar!
7:30 Gil Rene
8:15 Buzz Brump


Flashlight Bingo: A New Tradition?

Last night the lights went out in Index. Winds so heavy they blew plant based chocolate chip cookies right off the plate! But did a power outage deter the hard core gamblers at our fundraiser? NO WAY! Bingoers simply turned on their cell phone flashlights and placed various “lampshades” atop: popcorn bags, decorated paper cups and (seen here) bottles of bubbly beer (variation of the lava lamp?). The show must go on, and it did. Yawl helped us raise $600. for our annual arts event. Thank you to EVERYONE including Robin and Scott McDonald for hosting it at the beautiful Gunn House, the Index Arts Festival group led by Saeid and Beya, and..everyone that brought food, prizes and moved furniture.
Thank you Index Community and Friends!

Next Bingo Bash! Save the Date, April 13

Our next sure to be infamous Bingo Fundraiser to benefit Arts Festival expenses is on Saturday, April 13 at Scott and Robin’s (The Gunn House, Avenue A, Index). All are welcome. More details to come!